Welcome to the home of doormats

The Mighty Mats collection has been lovingly designed to bring both practicality and style to your floors. The range has many different styles of mats to keep mud, dirt and moisture from entering the home. We offer solutions that are perfect for entrances, utility rooms, hallways, conservatories, kitchens, sheds, garages and many more. The possibilities and choices are endless.

Eco Friendly Doormats

The Mighty Mat collection includes a wide range of eco friendly doormat options that range from mats with recycled rubber backings to products that are solely made from recycled materials.

Scrape n’Sorb offers unique dual action of both scraping away dirt and absorbing moisture. The range features several striking designs using the latest digital print technology, all with durable recycled rubber backing. Placed either inside or outside of your entrance this mat provides a warm welcome for your guests.

Washable Mats & Runners

Washable products are really important as doormats can get very muddy and wet in winter months! These qualities are really popular and range from a basic entry level to a luxury recycled plush pile. There is so many options to suit all functions.

Barrier Matting

Barrier matting is the largest selling category for Primeur and in 2021 we sold over 1 million barrier mats! They are hard wearing and can be used in lots of different areas of the home making them very versatile.